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Notes describing a wine or wines are often more about the writer than the wine. Thus, anything we write must be assumed to contain our personal bias as well as some wishful thinking, or more correctly, wishful projections of what we would like the wines to be. As we set out to make these, our first two wines, we hoped that by treating the grapes, must and finished wine in exactly the same way, the two vineyards would each have their own unique expression and personality. We believe we have achieved this, but you the drinker should be the judge.

  • Our 2017 Sta. Rita Hills Chardonnay has an exuberant nature, reflecting the vintage, but also salinity and a mineral foundation that balances its natural exuberance. The wine is delicious now and but will gain complexity over the next five years. READ REVIEWS >>
  • 2016 Bentrock is naturally a more powerful and rich wine yet is not heavy. Adjectives are dangerous things but if we see Francesca as linear and elegant we can say that Bentrock is explosive, fuller in the mouth but finishes in the same place. Bentrock has a stone fruit personality dominated by ripe peaches and apricots along with a wonderful backbone of acidity that supports and transports these flavors in the mouth. It too is delicious today but should show its full potential in four to six years and perhaps even longer (2021-2024). READ REVIEWS >>
  • 2016 Francesca has what we call a “cool” profile that is dominated by a flinty nose followed by white flowers. Its attack is subtle but builds, fills the mouth and is linear in nature. The wine’s natural salinity awakens your taste buds and one can imagine this with hard cheeses or with a main dish such as seared scallops. The wine is delicious today, but we expect it will show its full potential in three to five years (2021-2023). READ REVIEWS >>

The wines are available direct from the winery in 3 and 6 bottle cartons

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