3 Bottles 2017 Chardonnay


3-Pack includes 3 bottles 2017 Sta. Rita Hills Chardonnay

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What makes the Santa Rita Hills unique is the cooling Pacific fog that allows its grapes
to ripen slowly and develop complex flavors that make the area so special and as occurs
in Burgundy. However, in late August 2017 (as in 2015 and 2019 in Burgundy) we were
confronted with a torrid heat wave that sped up ripening and contributed to what we
call in France a vintage “que est dominé par le temps”, that is dominated by the

Over Labor Day we scrambled to harvest our Bentrock and Francesca vineyards in order
to preserve the grapes’ natural acidity and freshness. The parcels were picked, pressed
and fermented separately and after much debate we felt that the sum of the vineyards
was more interesting than their parts and decided to make one unified wine. This is
what often happens when we combine several 1er Cru vineyards: we lose the individual
names but gain a more complete wine that together has the family resemblance of its
vineyard but becomes something new and even more exciting.

Our 2017 Chardonnay has an exuberant nature, reflecting the vintage, but also salinity
and a mineral foundation that balances its natural exuberance. The wine is delicious
now and but will gain complexity over the next three years.

The wines are available direct from the winery in 3 and 6 bottle cartons at $45.00 per

3-Pack: 2017 Gambal-Work Chardonnay Santa Rita Hills: $135.00
6-Pack: 2017 Gambal-Work Chardonnay Santa-Rita Hills: $270.00

About The Vineyards

Bentrock Vineyard is located at the southwestern edge of the Sta. Rita Hills appellation. Its north-facing, rolling hills are routinely exposed to cold ocean breezes.  The vineyard ranges from about 400 to 500 feet in elevation and is fairly steep. These elements provide for slow ripening and low yields, ideal for Burgundian style wines.  The approximate 92-acre vineyard, (just under 80 Pinot Noir and slightly more than 13 chardonnay) were planted in 2007. The soils are primarily clay, sediment and shale soils with outcrops of diatomaceous earth.

Francesca Vineyard is the most westerly vineyard in the Santa Rita Hills appellation and is perched on a windswept knoll.  The soils in this cold and windy location are comprised of shaly loams of sedimentary origin.  The 7-acre vineyard is comprised of one-half acre of Chardonnay Wente clone and the balance in three clones of Pinot Noir; Pommard, 115, and 667.  Due to the wind and cool and saline soils, the more vigorous rootstock 1103P makes a perfect partner for the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay scions creating a perfectly balanced vine.  Yields are low at no more than 2 tons per acres and the fruit is complex.


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